Register of enthusiasts for school linguistics

The Education Committee of the LAGB and the Committee for Linguistics in Education have been campaigning for decades to build bridges between academic linguistics and the UK’s schools. Now that we’re seeing some progress in this area we’re keen to build a list of people in the UK who share our enthusiasm. If you would like to see moreĀ  impact of linguistics on curriculum and pedagogy, please use this questionnaire to register your interest – and especially so if you are a school teacher or have been one. Registering here doesn’t commit you to anything except receiving occasional emails from us; and at any point you can ask us to remove you from the email list, or even from the register. The boxes are small, but they expand to accept extended answers; but please don’t feel obliged to enter a great deal of information – just a few words will do.



One thought on “Register of enthusiasts for school linguistics”

  1. I’d like to follow this but I’m in China where google is blocked so I can’t fill in any google docs.

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