The Education Committee of the LAGB and the Committee for Linguistics in Education have been campaigning for decades to build bridges between academic linguistics and the UK’s schools. Now that we’re seeing some progress in this area we’re keen to build a list of people in the UK who share our enthusiasm. If you would like to see more  impact of linguistics on curriculum and pedagogy, please use this questionnaire to register your interest – and especially so if you are a school teacher or have been one. Registering here doesn’t commit you to anything except receiving occasional emails from us; and at any point you can ask us to remove you from the email list, or even from the register. The boxes are small, but they expand to accept extended answers; but please don’t feel obliged to enter a great deal of information – just a few words will do.



12 Responses to Register of enthusiasts for school linguistics

  1. Agneta M-L Svalberg says:

    Look forward to updates. I wonder what you are referring to when you say that “a number of recent developments in schools have brought significant progress”. I admit I know very little about this but it seems to me they might have the potential to result in progress but could equally be a huge step backwards. If that is anywhere near a correct assessment, I guess it could make our involvement all the more significant.

  2. Deb Wiltshire says:

    Enthusiastic MFL teacher in a secondary school.

  3. Winifred Davies says:

    I lecture in German language and sociolinguistics in Wales and would like to see students coming to uni with a bit more sociolinguistic awareness as well as more metalinguistic knowledge.

  4. Sue says:

    Thank you for doing this. I’d be really grateful to be put in contact with any other people who have experience in teaching at the younger end of the primary age-range (Y1 – Y4). It’s essential we ensure children’s introduction to grammar is both developmentally-appropriate and informed by people who are aware of current problems in early primary education.

  5. Phil Parker says:

    Always interested in anything that will help me to promote the subject to English Language A-level students at my 6th form college.

  6. Barbara Cauzzo says:

    I have always been interested in linguistics and think it should be a main subject in schools

  7. Peter Allwright says:

    We have no plans to introduce linguistics as part of the curriculum, but run a weekly club for interested pupils, using materials from the Linguistics Olympiad website. Several pupils participated in last year’s Olympiad and derived benefit and enjoyment from the experience. It is the code-breaking aspect of the discipline which pupils find particularly appealing, rather than the technical terms of linguistic analysis.

  8. Dr Christopher S Nield says:

    I am interested in exploring the possibilities of teaching linguistics in schools and colleges.

  9. Adele says:

    Secondary teacher of French and German with an interest in Linguistics, having studied it a fair bit at university.

  10. Giulia says:

    Teaching linguistics in schools and adding innovative methods is one of my aims at La Dante in Cambridge where we teach Italian and English at all levels to a variety of audiences from children to adults.
    I am interested in the following:
    • Students learn to study language rather than to change their language.
    • Students acquire knowledge about language rather than just knowledge of it.
    • Students learn to apply general ideas about language in investigation and observation.
    • Students learn a metalanguage for talking about language structure and use.
    • Students learn to compare languages.
    • Students study all kinds of spoken and written language, and not just the language of literature.
    Introducing grammar, ways to express proper English language in schools carries advantages in learning other languages and ought to be encouraged.

  11. Graeme Mutlu-Smith says:

    As a languages teacher (German & English) and head of Theory of Knowledge, I’m very interested in building linguistics excercises into the ToK syllabus. I’m also interested in the subject for its own sake.

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