2022. GCSE English

GCSE English (both Language and Literature) asks students to comment on texts, and invites comments on both language and ‘structure’; but the model answers of exam boards are very short of linguistic comment. We take some of the texts from past exam papers and suggest interesting comments based on linguistics.

2014. Grammar across the curriculum

How can L1 English and Foreign Languages support each other in the teaching of grammar? This project arose out of the LAGB session on the same topic in September 2014. It is supported by a page of material including the presentations from that session.

2014. The glossary of grammatical terms for use in schools

A glossary of terms agreed by a working group linked to the LAGB.

2013. Linguistic starters

One by-product of the Olympiad is the idea that we might create a supply of five-minute puzzles to start a lesson.


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