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3 Responses to For enthusiasts

  1. Jean Conteh says:

    it’s great to have an interest group that includes those of us working in primary settings, where issues about linguistics are crucially important, but currently more or less ignored. I’d like to add another dimension to the discussion, that of learners of English as an additional language (EAL). Pupils who come into this category make up about 15% of school populations, and the numbers are growing rapidly. There’s lots of research which shows the importance of KAL (among other things) to meet the needs and play to the strengths of these pupils, any of whom are highly skilled bilinguals and multilinguals. Some of us have been banging on about the need to take seriously the fascination and complexity of the field of EAL for years.

    all best wishes

  2. Roderick Duke says:

    In response to Dick’s request for info on what schools do re Linguistics, Roderick Duke writes:
    At Kingswood School in Bath we just do a little practice with younger pupils as part of a wider Gifted and Talented programme a few weeks before the annual UKLO using past questions. We encourage parents and children to practise at home together, but there is no formal linguistics orientated activity and unlikely to be one in the future. It is seen as an extension for able pupils in the same way as other subject based Challenges/Olympiads.

  3. Maria Arreaza-Coyle says:

    I was not able to include my name or surname.
    I am a retired Spanish and English teacher at university level in Venezuela and in the USA.
    I have an Applied Linguistics Masters Degree from the University of Kent, Canterbury and a
    Bachelor Degree in Languages and Education from Brooklyn College: The City University of New York. I have been trying to promote Language Awareness as an integrated subject in the public school curriculum. Human Language is taken for granted. I can forward my entire CV and Academic References if needed; in short, help me to subscribe to you organization. It was highly recommended by Prof. Richard Hudson: Kings College , London.

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