U-Lingua, the undergraduate linguistics magazine

For the last 10 years, the student-led organisation¬†The Undergraduate Linguistics Association of Britain (ULAB)¬†has organised an annual conference, hosted at institutions across the U.K., aiming to showcase the linguistic research undertaken by undergraduates during their university education. This year, ULAB has decided to expand the scope of its activities to include the publication of a quarterly magazine named U-Lingua. The goal of the magazine is to provide useful and interesting information to younger students of language or linguistics (both at secondary and tertiary stages of education) about their subject areas, whilst also hoping to provide opportunities for those interested of any age to write and publish suitable work. As such, although all of ULAB’s activities have been tailored towards undergraduates in the past, the Editorial Team of U-Lingua¬†would like to see the magazine involve wider audiences. If you believe you know or teach any individual with an interest in language or linguistics, we would love for you to share our new magazine with them (found via this link)! Should you believe to know an individual who might be interested in contributing an article, do please have them email the Editor-in-Chief with their idea via ulinguamagazine@gmail.com, and point them in the direction of the new U-Lingua Writers’ Group on Facebook where we will be posting prompts for writers.
T. R. Williamson
Editor-in-Chief, U-Lingua
Archivist, ULAB
University of Cambridge
August 2020