The Education Committee of the LAGB

Terms of reference and constitution

A. The Education Committee will act on the LAGB’s behalf by:

  • organising sessions ‘Linguistics at School’ at LAGB conferences,
  • representing the LAGB on CLIE (the Committee for Linguistics in Education),
  • initiating and monitoring actions and campaigns on the LAGB’s behalf in the areas of education in which the LAGB has an interest,
  • disseminating relevant information to LAGB members,
  • reporting its activities to the LAGB Committee at least twice a year,
  • liaising with any other relevant bodies.

B. The Education Committee will have no budget but will be entitled to apply to the LAGB Committee for reasonable travel expenses for attending meetings other than regular LAGB conferences (subject to the approval of the LAGB Committee). It is assumed that most of the Education Committee’s business will be conducted by e-mail, but that it will hold meetings at regular LAGB conferences.

C. The Education Committee will be appointed by the LAGB Committee and will consist of:

  1. all LAGB representatives on CLIE,
  2. any other members who the LAGB Committee may wish to appoint.

The Education Committee will select its Chair, and will ensure that one person should report to the LAGB Committee.

Spring Meeting of the LAGB at UCL, 7 April 2000