Education Committee report to the Linguistic Association of Great Britainís AGM

London, 30 August 2007


1.     Membership of EC: Sue Barry stepped down as a member of the EC at the last LAGB meeting in Newcastle.Her replacement on the EC is Vivienne Rogers at the University of Newcastle.

2.     LAGB 2007 Education Session: outreach between schools and universities.This session comprises four brief reports from four academics, working in UK universities, who have been involved in outreach programmes in some way.The speakers are: Jane Setter, Kevin Watson, Billy Clark and Graeme Trousdale.

3.     Responses to official consultations:

(i)              Second submission to the Dearing Inquiry into GCSE Languages

(ii)            Comments to QCA on study of English at KS3 and KS4

4.     CLIE:

(i)              FL ITE website Ė linguistics for teachers website

(ii)            Plans for similar site for English ITE

5.     Subject Centre

(i)              Working group on A-level Linguistics

(ii)            Representation on Special Interest Groups and Advisory Board

(iii)          Sponsored session at LAGB 2007 on transitions between school and university courses in Linguistics and English Language (Angela Goddard and Adrian Beard)